Orchestra Parts

Please have a look at the pdfs below and find the part that suits you / your ensemble the best.

You can mix and match any of the parts!  There are no separate individual and ensemble parts like last year.

You will notice that the parts only include 2 verses and 2 choruses.  This allows us to combine the various instrumental and vocal textures into the final arrangement of 5 verses and 3 choruses.  Verse 1 will be sung in language by various indigenous choirs.  If you know anyone who would like to participate in verse 1, please contact us on online@ameb.edu.au.


  • Choir parts are for verses 4 & 5 only.
  • Solo vocalists should record either the top line of text (verses 2 & 3) or the bottom line of text (verses 4 & 5) only.
  • Vocalists performing with instruments should only sing the bottom line of text.


  • If you are working with an ensemble you can mix and match the Beginner, Easy and Intermediate parts to suit different playing abilities within your ensemble.
  • We suggest you use the Intermediate Score for the conductor as the easier parts are variations on the Intermediate parts.
  • With some combination of parts you may be missing a melody line, but don’t worry, it will fit into the final arrangement no problem.  Another idea is to add a singer, or someone playing the melody from the Lead Sheet, on top of the other parts.
  • If you use a singer or singers with your ensemble make sure the vocalists sing the bottom line of text (verses 4 & 5).

If you wish to amend the parts to make them easier or more manageable for a particular player, that is totally fine.  Stick with the tonality and harmony as written and it will fit with the full arrangement.  So don’t worry about skipping a note or two, as long as you are still in time with the click track, we will still be able to add it to the final mix!

Please note that in some of the Easy and Beginner parts, the rhythms have been simplified and may not match the guide track exactly.

Parts still to come… Harp & Recorder Ensemble.

Have fun!

Click Track

Download the click track. The track includes a tuning note (A=440), an 8-note count in and a guide part to help you keep in time. The guide does not include all the parts so don’t worry if you can’t hear your particular part.

Lead Sheet / Chord Chart



Beginner Parts

Easy Parts

Intermediate Parts