Orchestra Parts

‘Morning Star and Evening Star’: Lyrics adapted by Candace Kruger. Composed by Candace Kruger, Lann Levinge, Isobella Kruger © 2020. Online Orchestra Arrangement: Alex Garsden, Steven Hodgson and David Howell.

Sample of the ‘Morning Star and Evening Star’ lead sheet.

NEW: Yugambeh Pronunciation Guide

Learn how to pronounce the Yugambeh words in Morning Star and Evening Star by listening to the pronunciation guide spoken and recorded by Candace Kruger. Download the audio guide below.

Download Pronunciation Guide

How Do I Take Part?

It’s easy to become a member of the Online Orchestra!

Step 1 – Choose your part from the options below, download the pdf and start practising.

Step 2 – Download any learning resources you would like to utilise. There is some fantastic information about the cultural history of the narrative and instructions on how to pronounce the Yugambeh words.  Plus much more!

Step 3 – Download the correct click track.  Please look carefully to make sure you select the option that’s right for you.

Step 4 – When you’re ready to record, find an interesting place and background (but your lounge room is fine) and follow our Entry Guidelines to record your part.

Step 5 – Include an Acknowledgment of Country at the start of your recording. Check the Entry Guidelines for a script if you need one and some tips.

Step 6 – YOU MUST PLAY ALONG WITH THE CLICK TRACK!  If you don’t we won’t be able to use your entry.  But we don’t want to be able to hear the click track, so make sure you or your conductor is listening to the track through headphones.

Step 7 – Send your video to us via the Submission Form page. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions before submitting your entry.

Click Track

You need to record your part using a click track, to keep our Online Orchestra together and in time. Simply download the click track below (right click on the player) and and play it through a set of headphones while you perform your part. For ensembles, the conductor can listen to the click track through headphones while they conduct.

There is a concert A at the beginning of the click track and then a 2-bar count-in before the piece starts. This count-in is indicated on each part.

Download Full click track

Participants wishing to record a shorter version can record either the first half of the song (finishing at the end of bar 58) or the second half (starting at bar 59/letter D). Both of these versions start with a two-bar count-in.

Download First half click track Download Second half click track

Lead Sheet

The Lead Sheet contains the lyrics and chords and is suitable for individual singers and musicians wanting to read chords rather than notation. Don’t forget to download the pronunciation guide for the song’s Yugambeh words.

If there isn’t a part for your instrument, use this score to take part in the Online Orchestra!

Download Lead Sheet

Songline Resource Booklet

Download the Songline Resource Booklet below for information about the song, its history and how to sing the Aboriginal words. Visit our Learning Resources page for free tools or to access the Suggested Lesson Plans for English, Arts, Dance, Drama, Visual Art and Media (P-10).

Download Songline Resource Booklet


3-part choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor/Bass)*

* Make sure to download the pronunciation guide mp3 to learn how to say the Yugambeh words properly!

Easy Parts

Intermediate Parts

Ensemble Parts

Public Performances of Morning Star and Evening Star

You are welcome to perform Morning Star and Evening Star at non-commercial and unpaid events between now and September 30 2021.

Any ticketed, commercial performances of Morning Star and Evening Star taking place before September 30 will need to be registered with APRA AMCOS.

Any future performances of the work, after September 30 (ticketed or otherwise) will need to be registered with APRA. No additional licence is required.

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