Your step-by-step guide to entering the AMEB Online Orchestra 2019

Anyone can enter the AMEB Online Orchestra! Follow the steps below to be a part of the largest virtual orchestra Australia has ever seen.


Step 1:  Download the parts you want to play

Simply click on the PDF link, print it out, put it on your tablet and share the parts with your ensemble.


Step 2:  Download the Click Track

The click track is SUPER important! It makes sure we all play in time and that the final video of the orchestra playing together sounds amazing. Make sure you practice along with the click track by yourself or with your ensemble.


Step 3:  Practise makes perfect!

Yup, it’s true! Add in I am Australian to your practice schedule so when you come to recording your video you will hopefully be able to get it done in one take.

Need to reinvigorate your practice sessions? Why not check out our top 10 practice tips?


Step 4: Record your video and upload it via the entry page

You can record on any camera or device but make sure you follow our tips for recording a great video, so our video editor doesn’t cry. (link to article)


Step 5: Stay in touch

We’ll be sharing entrant videos, stories, and details of the official video launch on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and email. Make sure you give us a like, follow, or subscribe to stay in the loop!

centenaryamebYour step-by-step guide to entering the AMEB Online Orchestra 2019

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