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Indigenous content for the classroom

These Learning Resources were produced to help our Online Orchestra participants or teachers wanting to explore the cultural aspects of Morning Star and Evening Star. All contain useful protocols for teaching and engaging with Indigenous material. Thank you to Candace Kruger, Leanne Kuss and Paula Nihôt for writing these invaluable resources.

Yugambeh Pronunciation Guide

Learn how to pronounce the Yugambeh words in Morning Star and Evening Star by listening to the pronunciation guide spoken and recorded by Candace Kruger. Download the audio guide below.

Download Pronunciation Guide

Video: ‘Morning Star and Evening Star’ official video clip by Lann Levinge.

Morning Star and Evening Star Resources – FREE

Morning Star and Evening Star Songline Resource Booklet

Download Songline Resource Booklet

Your starting point is the Songline Resource Booklet which is jam-packed with information about the song, its history and how to sing the Aboriginal words. Download your free version of the Songline Resource Booklet here.



The Morning Star and Evening Star Songline Resource Booklet contains the following:

Songline Narrative and Overview
Permissions and Protocols
Songline Lyrics and Translation
Pronunciation and Alternative Spellings
Songline Full Poem
Artwork, Logo and Design
Historical News Article
Songline Research and History
Postcard & Flashcards
Credits and Acknowledgements

Suggested Learning Plans

Buy Suggested Learning Plans

The Online Orchestra Suggested Learning Plans align with the National Curriculum in the areas of Arts – Music, Dance, Drama and Media; and English – Language and Literature.  They are available for students in P-10, and will provide you with ideas of how to teach the song, learn the cultural history of the songline and pronounce the Yugambeh words.

A small fee is attached to each Learning Plan package, the profits of which will be returned to the Yugambeh community where the songline originated, via the Yugambeh Youth Aboriginal Corporation.  The packs range between $5 and $30.

You can choose between the following packs. Click to purchase via the AMEB Online Shop:

Full Package – all Learning Plans 

The Arts, Primary levels

The Arts and English, Prep – 2

The Arts and English, Grade 3 – 4

The Arts and English, Grade 5 – 6 

The Arts, Secondary levels

The Arts and English, Year 7 – 8

The Arts, Year 9 – 10 

Dance/Drama, All Levels

Music, All Levels

Visual Art & Media, All Levels

English, Primary

English, Secondary

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